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the boundaries of game & application development

Our projects

New untitled VR game project

Project at the conceptual stage. More details in Q2 2023.

Who & What

We are an independent studio creating immersive VR projects. Our workers co-created the world's largest game projects. We also create experiences for education, culture, art and business.

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We create new alternative realities and give the possibility of immersion in those that no longer exist.

& Story

It is difficult to be indifferent to the power of the engaging narrative. We create and tell stories.


We specialize in advanced, multi-platform solutions based on the latest available technologies.


The boundaries between the virtual and the real world are blurring. We build them and destroy them anew.


We support creatively and executively the largest production studios in the world.

We always play

We are
official partners
of the Owls team

Sweat is sweat, and a game is a game. No matter if you are fighting in VR or in reality.

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This hoodie and t-shirt has been designed with high precision and manufactured with the highest quality materials to give you the best real-world experience during your immersion in our VR world.

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