The enigmatic Nazi Riese complex.

To this day, it is not really known what exactly it was supposed to be and what it was intended to hide. Secrecy covered its construction, and guards were ordered to shoot people who got too close to the pits. There is no doubt that it was one of the most essential facilities – this is confirmed by the discovery of a direct telephone line connecting to the Third Reich Headquarters in Berlin. The existence of the "Giant" contributed to many speculations, legends, and even conspiracy theories.

Nuclear weapons, flying discs, occult rituals, runic signs... Fragments of the truth about Riese are said to be in possession of German, American, Russian, and Polish services. There are many doubts about why they have not been disclosed, and access to the caches is still forbidden. According to the official version, the tunnels, and halls found were intended for Adolf Hitler's headquarters or were to be used as special facilities for the German army.

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A story unexplained since WWII

Real events inspire the story you are about to experience. We share our discoveries, the result of months of research, investigation, and analysis. Actual places, people, and documented facts are interspersed with mysterious reports, speculation, and even legends. The action takes place in two timelines – during World War II and today. The past has left behind dark secrets and mysteries. Can they be solved? The line between reality and confabulation is as thin as the line between truth and lies.

Based on real locations

While putting on your VR goggles, you go on a virtual journey, transporting yourself to places in the Owl Mountains – a mountain range in Poland's Central Sudetes. The region attracts tourists with its rich culture and wealth of historical sites, but the greatest curiosity is aroused by closed mines, the famous underground adits, and tunnels belonging to Hitler's Riese project.

Although they have been repeatedly investigated by historians, biologists, and other scientists from all corners of the world, what has still not been revealed is what has been discovered. The imagination is further awakened by reports of traces of ancient beliefs or other unexplained phenomena, in which some even seek the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations. In the place, as in a great melting pot, secrets from different sheets of the past are mixed. Does anything connect them? It seems impossible that it is just a coincidence.

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Highly detailed photoscan of objects

The gameplay provides maximum immersion. If you ever manage to go to the Owl Mountains, you will not be able to resist the impression, that you have already been here. You will take your first steps in the digital dimension. By the next, you can already touch the ground and the rocks, on which dark, strange, disturbing events have forever left their mark.

We managed to transfer the most important locations to the VR world by fully digitizing four sites with a total area of approx. 25,000 square meters and scanning hundreds of kilometers of visceral underground corridors. We used state-of-the-art technology to capture reality in the best possible way, including Lidar laser measurement equipment and drones taking high-quality photoscans. Anything significant was digitalized – including elements from the past, such as World War II-era vehicles, which reconstruction was based on 8 months of research of technical databases. Every detail matters, so we did our best to recount our observations.

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Intrigued? If you wish, you can personally go to the guesthouse that once belonged to Anna's grandfather. Szyprówka is waiting for you to see it with your own eyes. You will feel its unique history as soon as you cross the doorstep.

We have created a dedicated in game os system for a deeper experience

You certainly don't go anywhere without your smartphone. Such an expedition would be unwise without an electronic companion. In the game, you have access to your own fully interactive equipment. Familiarize yourself with the materials available in it. Its high-tech silicon brain hides valuable clues.

Use all the features to discover more secrets. The map and navigation let you find your way on intricate mountain trails and through tangled tunnels. The flashlight illuminates the darkest locations and helps you spot hidden clues. And when you find it difficult to calm your anxiety in the most stressful moments, you can turn on music. On top of that, the communicator allows you to contact your Steam friends to boast about your discovery, ask for help, or invite them to investigate together.

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Our Team

Our small, independent studio is driven by passion. Not only are we experts in various areas, who are experienced professionals, but positive zealots, eager to share their visions.

Our Team members have participated in the creation of many Polish and foreign productions, such as: The Beast Inside, Cyberpunk, InDeathVR, War Thunder, For Honor, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty: Warzone, Company of Heroes 3, WW2 Rebuilder, Medieval Dynasty, Terminator: Resistance.

Students and young people are also welcome to join us so that they can develop their interests in a favorable atmosphere while expanding their knowledge and improving their competencies. Together we create virtual worlds – along the lines of real ones, but also those inspired by history, legends, and fantasies.

How much do you have to sacrifice to discover the truth?